Saturday, October 28, 2006

Happy Halloween


In honor of Halloween, I'm posting last year's photo of Jinx in her shark costume! Maybe I'll get a better picture of her this year! She doesn't mind dressing up TOO much - but it is a rare thing. When I was a kid, we never dressed up the dog, but we did dress up, usually in home made costumes- I remember being a beatnik, a hobo, a gypsy...and we went out trick-or-treating TWO nights in a row - first on Beggar's Night, and then the next night, which was actually Halloween. We got a TON of candy! No wonder I have so many fillings in my teeth!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Quebec City

There is an old walled city, Vieux Quebec, filled with old row houses, shops and restaurants of all kinds. The narrow streets wind up and down hills, seeming to culminate at the old Chateau Frontenac, billed as the 'most photographed hotel in the world.' But instead of showing you a photo of the CF, I've posted one of the St. Jean Gate in the wall. I walked through here each day, past ice skaters, punk kids, street musicians, and some beautiful architecture. That IS a pile of snow on the curb (scraped from the ice rink) and the sculptural door is the entry to the skate rental.

Quebec City and the Musee des Beaux Arts

For about 4 days in Mid October, I took a [business] trip to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. There was a meeting to go to for two of the days. It was great to be in Canada, and in Quebec, testing my French. I did pretty well, and the locals were pretty friendly and tolerant of my attempts. I went to the Musee des Beaux Arts and saw a beautiful collection on native sculpture (Inuit carvings in antler, bone, soapstone, serpentine, etc) of polar bears, birds and native life. The museum also had lots of Quebec and Canadian art, as well as an exhibition of Impressionists with pre- and post-Impressionist works as well. Here's an outdoor sculpture.

The Beach in Black and White

I still love black and white film, and using a non-digital camera. When we went to the beach I took both cameras I have - neither one of them is a great camera, but still fun. I miss my old Nikon EM! The vastness of the Atlantic Ocean is only imagined.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Other Blogs

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