Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day

Here's a pic of the all-American Memorial Day dinner Maya and I shared: Hebrew National Hotdogs, bread n' butter pickles and Bourbon flavored Bush's Beans. The unusual topping is fresh-shelled raw baby peas! Then there's a photo from the Hirshorn sculpture garden -- a memorial to tall headless men in trench coats, or maybe bathrobes.

Spring has sprung...

Lots has happened since I last posted in March...let's see...UVA Press turned down my Dashiell ms. One reviewer said it should have been an exhibition catalogue! Duh. Sure, it is disappointing, but I'm not crying about it. Such is life. Oh, yeah, I was elected president of the First UU Church of Richmond. Now there's an interesting job I never thought I'd have... But there are great people to work with, and maybe we can even change the world for the better, a little bit at a time. That office will lead me on a trip to UUA-GA in Ft Lauderdale in June. Then I'm a member of the Victory Farm CSA again this year, helping out some Saturdays at the new and wonderful Southside Farmers Market in Forest Hill Park. My kids made a terrific Mother's day dinner and cake, with artful gifts and a trip to the art Museum. How I love them all! We missed Rose, but in a couple of weeks I'll head off the NYC/Brooklyn for a visit!