Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Luck to Me!

Good Luck to me because I finally sent off my [invited] manuscript to UVA Press, "Street Opera: The Life, Art and Writing of Margaret May Dashiell (1867-1958)." This is a short book about an interesting Richmonder who painted and wrote about the black servant class of the post-Civil War South (mostly). I also recently submitted my entry on her for the "Dictionary of Virginia Biography," to the Library of Virginia. I have been researching her for about 5 years, I guess, and curated a 2006 exhibition at Univ of Richmond Museums. So this is a major milestone to have submitted the ms to The Press. I invoked the luck of my office collection of lucky charms -- no, not the cereal but 4-leaf clovers (thanks Lauren!), lucky pigs, a horseshoe w/my name on it, and even a lucky monkey! Keep your fingers crossed for me!