Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Anniversary of my mother giving birth to me

Yesterday I celebrated the end/beginning of another year on the planet. Can't do that without thinking of my dear mother, Charlotte, gone ten years but never forgotten. She gave me my start, of course (with some help from Dad). My office mates treated me to lunch, cake and presents. Maya cooked dinner for me and Lauren and Joe. There were more presents and Dove Bars (mmmm... dark chocolate over vanilla...). Rose will come this weekend for continued festivities. (Love them kids!) So now I feel celebrated, but alas, have no profound philosophical pronouncements about having another birthday. Except maybe this: Getting Old Sucks.
One good thing that happened on my birthday: The Democrats Won! Including Webb for Senator from Virginia, defeating that poser and apparent racist Geo. Allen. The bad news is that stupid 'marriage amendment' was approved, by over a million Virginians who forgot to read the damn thing and voted 'yes' probably because they are repulsed by the idea of gay sex -- which isn't what it is about anyway! Now the lawyers are laughing as they will have plenty of work from anyone who wants to have any sort of contract with a person they happen to love (or maybe even with someone they don't love!).
Oh yeah, I've joined a group blog, Breakdancing Godzilla. Check it out!!