Friday, February 08, 2008

College Radio

Looking backwards is always fun. Today my buddy Trent sent me the link to the VCU college radio -- WJRB --that was broadcast back in the late 60s and early 70s when we were there -- and will soomn be celebrating a big anniversary. Imagine paying $2 for a Poco concert! (Who?) Those really WERE the good old days. I think I paid $4 to see the Beatles. (And paid over $100 to see only Paul McCartney about 2 years ago.)
Well my daughter Lauren got into radio when she was a student at UR, as the Scenster Extrodinaire on WDCE and just recently, she started doing a new show on WDCE with a partner, 7-9 pm Wednesday (I think) and you can listen in online!
BTW, I'm sharing my virtual collection of SUN images with you with each post.


VideoRose said...

ok, so who is poco?

Ella said...

Poco didn't they ding "Lost in Love,".

What a beautiful moon. I love a Blue Moon, i beleive when it closest to earth. Nice blog.



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